A cloud based, customisable client management solution.

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Our Focus

We create enterprise solutions for you and your business.
Built for Business

Our products are built from the ground up for business. They are easy to setup, can be customised to provide the perfect solution for you & your business and offer masses of reporting and metrics!


Our team of experts are always available to ensure a smooth transition to our products and to ensure that our products correctly fit your business’s needs!


Our advanced permission system enables you to create strict access levels within your company. Also, HorizonSoft utilises high level encryption to ensure your business’s data is protected at all times.

Fantastic Support

Our experienced support team is always on call and will strive to provide fast, accurate and proficient answers to any queries you may have regarding our range of products.

About US

We design and develop advanced products to help you & your business.
Developing a better platform for the future of business.

At HorizonSoft we strive to construct the best solutions in the market to support your business's development and to ensure that the information you need is always accessible.

We are currently developing our first software release, "Nexus", it is an extensive cloud-based client management system built to suit your business.

Our aim is to create the most advanced, yet painless software solutions available in the market today and in the future. Our extensive background in graphics design, programming and database management allow us to meet these goals.

  • Graphics Design

    Our background in graphics design helps us to create well designed, clean user interfaces.

  • Software Development

    HorizonSoft uses the latest standards in software development to create modern, efficient software.

  • Database Management

    With a strong background in database management, HorizonSoft ensures data integrity and database scalability.

  • Security

    HorizonSoft builds all of its products with maximum security being a priority. This is an extremely important focal point for our company and employees take extensive care to make sure your data is protected.

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"Nexus" is built from the ground up to offer powerful tools with ease of use.
Designed for humans

We have built "Nexus" to be used by humans, our user interface is clean, simple and easy to use.

Creative Features

From custom data fields to document & email merging. We provide the most advanced & easy to use software on the market.

Thousands of Options

Every company is unique, our software works to fit your company, not the other way round.

Easy to Customise

We make it easy to tailor our software for your company, from data, to permissions to documents. We don’t restrict you.


Modern business’s need their data on the go, we have built our software to work great on mobile devices as well as desktops.

Cloud based

"Nexus" is cloud based, this enables you to take your data with you where ever you go. All your data is available in your browser.

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